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Release Date: April 18, 2016

This maintenance release was focused on providing a 21 CFR part 11 compliant version of Illume Next to our customers. Twenty-seven bugs, two brand new features, and nearly fifty improvements were included in this validated release.

The notable features include the responsive survey rendering for use with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and background task processes for large data imports and bulk tasks done within DatStat’s web applications.

New Features

Responsive Survey Template

The Illume Survey Manager now contains a second template option when creating a survey that supports responsive survey design. The responsive survey design allows users to configure surveys the same way they have always been able to, complex logic and all, that will render on screen to participants in a way that is optimal for their screen size. There are three general modes for responsive surveys: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. The template comes with default colors and styling consistent with DatStat branding, which can be customized by the user through the style tree contained within the survey manager. Each rendering mode is represented in the style tree to support different styling between the modes based on what is needed by the user.

With the responsive rendering template, a simple Header Builder tool has also been added to the survey designer. In this tool, the user is able to specify a survey title, logo, and whether or not they use the progress bar. Each of those can then be configured to render on the right, left, or center of the header bar contained in the survey.

Background Task Handling

Bulk actions that usually take significant periods of time can now be processed in the background so the user can continue to work on other tasks within the platform while these bulk actions are running. The bulk actions supported in this background processing model are: data import, generating test data, importing survey access user list, participant assign, participant delete, participant edit, and participant import. Study import in Discovery remains the only large import task that is not processed in the background due to the nature of the import and the amount of

Other New Features and Improvements
  • The RDC module will only request and pull down new copies of surveys to a user’s local machine during the syncing process if a new version of the survey is available.
  • The RDC module has been optimized for use with 3G internet sources so that users will use less bandwidth during sync and will not be disconnected while syncing data when their IP address changes.
  • Users of the audit trail utility can specify participant lists and surveys by their names, instead of IDs, to pull a full audit history of all associated participants and submission data.
  • Email processing is now performed asynchronously to improve email send performance for users with large numbers of email jobs and email tasks
  • The Rebex .NET component has been upgraded to the latest version so that email processing within Illume is more efficient.
  • The audit log tables within the data change module contain columns that identify users; these columns now use the usernames of users instead of their GUIDs
  • The REST API’s survey results route now includes the internal variables ParticipantID, DiscoveryID, and UserID.
  • A product announcement page has been added to inform users of the latest features when a new product release is made.
  • Help links throughout the product interface have been updated to direct users to DatStat Academy.
  • SurveyResultsDownload has been added as a new privilege; the ability to download submission data is no longer assumed to be included in the SurveyResultsQuery privilege.
  • The classic rendering survey template has had its style sheet updated to reflect more modern UI patterns.
  • Users can choose to not number their survey questions or represent them with an image effectively turning off question numbering all together.
  • The default page text for the classic rendering found on survey pages outside of the question context, such as end page content and save page content, have been updated to mimic the language and styling of the same pages found in the responsive rendering.
  • Surveys that are actively being taken by participants are protected from actions such as editing, locking and deleting the submissions until the participant has left the survey.
  • Surveys no longer need to be enabled for Data Change; all surveys will be available in the module.
  • Users now need the new SessionModify privilege in order to edit any submission data in Data Change. Having Data Change access no longer assumes that the user is able to edit data.
  • An application setting to configure session timeouts for users interacting with the product has been created.
  • Built-in Illume roles that previously assumed the SessionModify privilege have been updated to include this privilege to maintain the intended privilege set of each role.
  • The survey title option in the simple header wizard does not have show and hide options like the logo and progress bar options do.
  • When previewing a responsive rendering survey, the first page of the preview shows a list of hidden and preload variables and the list is labeled accordingly.
  • New modals added to the Illume survey manager have been given icon representation in the modal header bar consistent with other modals in the product.
  • Default page content for the Save Survey page has been updated with messaging and styles consistent with the new responsive rendering styles.
  • Default page content for the Survey Launch page has been updated with messaging and styles consistent with the new responsive rendering styles.
  • Default page content for the Survey Resume/Restore page has been updated with messaging and styles consistent with the new responsive rendering styles.
  • Default page content for the Survey Suspended page has been updated with messaging and styles consistent with the new responsive rendering styles.
  • Default page content for the Save Email has been updated with messaging and styles consistent with the new responsive rendering styles.
  • Users are able to dictate a minimum button width for survey navigation buttons to create buttons of equal size when button text is not a consistent length.
  • Color indicators used in RDC have been changed to the following: Red represents a survey with unsynced data and Green represents a survey with no data captured.
  • A bulk sync all button has been added to the RDC module that will sync all surveys with data collected on the machine.
  • Users can switch between the classic and responsive rendering styles while programming a survey.
  • A property has been added to the REST API’s user object called GroupNameList that contains the user group names that a user is a part of.
  • The User Agreement screen has been given updated styling consistent with the login screen for the DatStat Gateway.
  • Participant List drop down menus are now ordered alphabetically by list name without the extra information of the Master List name followed by the derived list name.
  • Application pages now use IE edge when users run DatStat applications in the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Extraneous DesignerService references have been removed from DatStat web applications, removing unnecessary dependencies on the DesignerService.
  • Derived lists that are used in Discovery studies are now available to be associated to surveys that are not used in those Discovery studies.
  • Audit log entries are included for submission data when it is posted to the results tables of the systems database and thus made available for querying.
  • Sites and Site Groups are now displayed on a single page called Sites instead of being listed as two separate pages in the left hand navigation pane of the Enterprise Manager.
  • Users configuring surveys with the responsive rendering can successfully preview their surveys with the local previewer.
  • Users configuring surveys with the responsive rendering can successfully preview their surveys in survey layout/print preview mode with the local previewer.
  • Users configuring surveys with the responsive rendering can successfully preview individual survey items with the local previewer.
  • The survey name is now included in the header area of the survey submit event window when a user creates or edits submit events for a survey within the Enterprise Manager.

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Resolved Bugs


  • Translated surveys are no longer reverting to the default survey language while the survey is being taken when the page changes.
  • Users of DatStat custom applications no longer get improperly redirected to their applications if they fail to login the first time.
  • Illume only users are now able to save the survey occurrence for a survey login event using a data transfer action to use the “Most Recent Instance” of the survey.
  • Importing participants no longer fails when properties that have default values configured for them are not included as a column in the import file.
  • Previewing an Illume survey that is utilizing the classic rendering option will no longer crash the previewer in the desktop client.
  • HTML paragraph tags (<p>) that are inserted into question prompts or response options through the survey designer no longer displace the alignment of prompts and question numbering or of response options and their radio/checkbox inputs.
  • The responsive rendering survey option no longer utilizes a Serif font.
  • Icons and characters used in the responsive rendering’s date picker widget are now rendering properly.
  • Elements of survey headers have had their alignment options adjusted to improve the visual design of the headers produced with the Header Builder.
  • The DatStat logo has been removed as the default logo option in the Header Builder.
  • The blue stripe at the top of all survey message pages outside of the normal question pages in the responsive rendering has been removed.
  • Client validation for question tables is now functioning for the individual prompts within the tables.
  • The survey progress bar has been restyled so that the colored portion of the bar representing the completed portion of the survey is the same size as the progress bar itself.
  • Error message text and styling for the responsive rendering is now consistent across all rendering modes.
  • Margins and padding has been adjusted for question tables rendered in the mobile mode of the responsive rendering styles to increase readability and visual aesthetic.
  • The time picker widget in the responsive rendering option for surveys no longer throws a 404 error when trying to save a selected time.
  • There is now a control size styling option available in the style tree for classic rendering surveys that adjusts the size of checkboxes and radio options in the survey.
  • HTML encoding is no longer displayed in survey question or response option text when special characters such as a quotation mark (“) is used in the text.
  • Participants are now able to successfully login to authenticated surveys that use the responsive rendering option.
  • Error message text is displayed above the question number and prompt instead of below
  • URLs for surveys are now updated automatically when URLs in the system license are changed after surveys have been published.
  • The gear icon representing background tasks no longer has a disabled appearance when background tasks like Data Import are being processed.


  • SDK users are now able to update participant study items through the REST API.
  • The DATSTAT_LANGUAGE participant property is now properly saving data entered into it by Discovery users.

Remote Data Collection

  • Clicking the “Sync All” button in the Remote Data Collection module no longer attempts to sync data to surveys that are not on the system that the RDC user is connected to at the time of sync.
  • The participant list selection dialog used to select a participant list for use with a survey in the RDC module no longer cuts off the last line of text in the window.

Known Issues

  • User Agreements can be signed for users other than the user logged in at the time of signing the agreement.
  • When users are shown the DatStat Product Announcement page when they log in and they need to sign a user agreement, the user agreement page will be skipped and the user will be able to interact with the system without signing the agreement.
  • Users with the Password History feature enabled on their system will not be able to reset temporary passwords for their users.
  • There is no padding below a survey question when it is highlighted with an error message.
  • When trying to add an authenticated and unauthenticated survey to RDC simultaneously, the user is asked to select a participant list for the unauthenticated survey.
  • Submitting a user issue through Discovery results in an internal server error.
  • Parameters that were created with lower case names will return an error when attempting to change the name or the value of the parameter.
  • Font options in the responsive rendering style tree are not functioning for individual questions or question tables.
  • The border options for question tables in the responsive rendering style tree are not properly affecting the borders of question tables.
  • The data manager allows users to attempt a data import with an excel file which results in extraneous empty submissions being added to the survey results.
  • Single quotation marks are rendered with HTMl encoding if a user navigates to a previous page in a survey.
  • Users without permissions any web applications will experience a Null Reference exception when they login and also need to sign a user agreement.
  • The radio/checkbox control size option in the style tree does not properly change the size of checkboxes.
  • The Data Change module will only display the first 25 sessions for a survey if more than 500 sessions exist in the system.
  • Illume Installs with 500 or more surveys can’t see all of their surveys in the Data Change Module
  • The Survey Comments Summary feature in the desktop client does not display survey comments in the Review All Comments list.
  • Getting an error when trying to delete a study with excessive status codes.
  • An internal server error is thrown with a user selects a time zone that is not supported in the system
  • “Last modified by name” column header uses the database column name instead of the end user label in Discovery.
  • Hidden properties should be hidden from all data grids, not just the data grids when viewing participants.
  • Users who try to launch surveys from Discovery that they do not have permissions to access will experience an internal server error.
  • Individual column filters for a datagrid in Data Change are not always blank by default.
  • When viewing/editing queries in Data Chagne the clear/”x” button does not work in the query details pane after updating the query
  • Unique state of properties in the Import participants modal Duplicate Participant Warnings section do not match configured states.
  • Data Change feature is not disabled when Data Change is not enabled in the license.
  • Improper dropdown menu shown while copying nested tasks.
  • When saving content on a tab, the user gets redirected to the first tab on that particular page instead of back to the tab they were working on.
  • When viewing a submission in the data change module the “comment” column should be hidden and not required when making changes on a system that does not have auditing enabled.
  • Prompt headers are not displayed in question tables when taking an Illume survey.
  • The Reports table in Data Manager does not display the owner of reports listed in the table until the report has been published and the user logs out and back in to the system.
  • Assign actions should be removed when the participant list for the action group is changed.
  • Participant list columns of type date/time cannot be changed to another type even if no participant on the list has a value within that column.
  • Hidden tag is not supported for use with check all that apply questions.
  • Participant address remains in the participant information section of the participant details page even when the “Set participant properties” checkbox is unchecked.
  • When viewing the Scheduled Task Execute Events tab under the Study Task Events section, the message should say “No scheduled task execute events defined” instead of “No scheduled task runtime events defined.”
  • Participant Assign Action on save shows the Study Arm GUID Value instead of the Study Arm Name.
  • Multiple workflow events can be added to study task, and milestone event sections if the user clicks the Add Workflow Event icon and closes the modal without clicking save several times in row without refreshing the page.
  • Participant data properties cannot be used for survey authentication.
  • Using the “Equal to” operator in any filter to compare date, time, or date/time properties or values will always return no results.
  • SDK GetResponseDataType does not return accurate information when variables does not exist in the survey.
  • Special characters (%$#) used in file names cannot be referenced from survey resources.
  • Selecting the “Resource” option in the style editor for Backgroundimage without adding a resource causes an exception.
  • When viewing an individual session data in the web console, if the survey contains loops only data from the first iteration of the loop is shown.
  • Checking in a template file allows you to try and publish it to your system as a survey.