Remote Data Collection allows Users to download one or multiple surveys, and the associated participant lists, so they may be administered offline.

In most cases a single User will be responsible for specific Participants, however, there may be times where any number of Users will have the same list of Participants.

If more than one User may administer a survey, or collect data, from a specific user there is the potential for Data Synchronization issues.

Below is a list of the possible scenarios, and resulting entries in the data set, that may take place when using the Remote Data Collection in the field:


Scenario Result
Single Survey Submission One row of data
Single Partial Submission One row of data and can be completed in RDC or Online
Same Participant collected (Submitted) by two Remote Data Collectors Will result in two rows of data for that same person
Same Participant Partial Survey added by two Remote Data Collectors The last Synchronized will overwrite the previous one
Two Partial Surveys started for the same Participant Will result in two rows of data, one for each partial
Partial UnAuthenticated Survey Only that partial will be able to be resumed before any new surveys are taken.