Remote Data Collection allows the use DatStat survey software to collect survey data on mobile computers in areas where an internet connection is not available or unreliable. With Illume Next, the user interface has been simplified for easier navigation through the software, while enhanced syncing capabilities ensures your data are securely uploaded and stored in a centralized database when an internet connection is restored.

The Remote Data Collection module is an optional add-on component that requires separate purchasing and licensing. In addition, the System Administrator must enable the Remote Data Collection feature for each user who will be remotely collecting survey data, or create specific users that are denoted as Remote Data Collectors. A new tab called Remote Data Collection will appear in the DatStat Illume Survey Manager desktop application once this happens.


Types of Remote Data Collection Users

There are three different types of Users that have access to Remote Data Collection:

  1. Remote Data Collection User type – this is only used in a standalone Illume install.
  2. Case Owner within a Study that may need to use the Remote Data Collection functionality as part of a study.
  3. A more advanced user of Illume or Discovery that should have this as a Feature.