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Release Date: January 8, 2019

This release of DatStat App Studio™ focused on addressing the results of penetration testing performed by a third-party vendor, including an assessment of the security of the application’s functionality, business logic, and vulnerabilities. In addition to the security improvements, the release introduces two new features that include the ability to export participants from participant grid page types in coordinator portals and the configuration of banner images and notifications messages for portals.

New Features

Participant Export from Participant Grid

Users can now configure the ability for end users to export participants from participant grid page types in coordinator portals. If export is enabled, the export functionality has two options – export all fields and values for all participants in the campaign OR export the values only for configured columns on the grid for all participants in the campaign. This export functionality is only supported in the desktop rendering of the coordinator portal and will only include participants shown in the grid within the coordinator portal. Any filters applied to the grid will be included in the resulting participants included within the export file.

Banners and Notifications

Users now have the ability to configure banner images that display below the header within portals, including both desktop and mobile renderings. The banner image can be configured for each page on participant portals and coordinator portals, with the ability to configure a different image for desktop and mobile if desired. A new Notifications configuration page is available on participant portals in App Studio. On this page, users can configure a notification message that appears under the header (and banner image if configured) on a participant portal page or set of pages in desktop and mobile renderings. This notification message can be displayed conditionally based on participant field data, and configuration includes an icon, text, background color, icon color, text color.


Improvements to Existing Features
  • Users can now configure login pages with text and/or HTML content.
  • Module widths are now limited based on the width of the column to which they belong, in order to prevent poor module renderings.
  • Landings pages can now be optionally configured to display only HTML content instead of modules, headers, and footers.
  • To prevent the loss of any configuration changes, users will now be notified if they have unsaved changes when navigating to another page.
  • Users can now enter custom error messaging for participants that have already verified their identity.
  • Non-enabled participants are now prevented from activating their account.
  • Users can now re-order columns on the coordinator portal’s Participant and Task pages within the configuration of the page.
  • Significant improvement to the Chat page’s performance.
  • Toaster notifications now display when changes to a page have been saved.
Security Improvements
  • HTML code entered into fields, excluding text editors, no longer renders and instead displays as plain text. The following product areas are impacted:
    • Campaign names
    • Workflow names
    • Step names
    • Task names
    • Campaign-level task names
    • Step information
    • Task information
    • Campaign-level task information
    • Participant profile information
    • Participant names
    • User information
    • User group information
    • Site names
    • Participant names

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue that caused Landing pages to quickly display an error message prior to loading the content.
  • Resolved an issue that caused system upgrades to lose device settings for Participant Record page modules.
  • Resolved an issue that caused activity list and activity carousel modules in the participant portal to display activity tasks assigned to users.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from setting PINs.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from configuring task subset conditions in the Coordinator portal’s Task pages.

Known Issues

  • Reports within insights modules do not resize on screen rotation in mobile without refresh.