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Release Date: January 8, 2019

This release of DatStat Connect™ focused on addressing the results of penetration testing performed by a third-party vendor, including an assessment of the security of the application’s functionality, business logic, and vulnerabilities. In addition to the security improvements, the release introduces three new features that include: deleting participants, fields, and sites; filtering and exporting participants; and the ability to view audit history at an individual field and variable level for a given participant/submission.  

New Features

Deleting Participants, Fields, and Sites

Population Administrators now have the ability to delete participant fields and sites from the population/campaign configuration with the exception of:

  • Fields being used in campaign/workflow configurations
  • Fields that contain data for any participant
  • Fields that are used as a default field on a grid view
  • Fields used in session data filtering or data set filtering
  • Sites that are assigned to participants
  • Sites that are used in campaign/workflow configurations

On delete, audit history will maintain the reference to the field’s audit history. Users with participant delete permissions now are able to delete participants from the population. On delete of a participant, all of their associated workflow and submission data is removed, with an update to the audit history to reflect the deletion.

Filtering and Exporting Participants

Conditions can be configured to filter data displayed within the participant grid on the Participants page. Users can filter based on participant fields, including population fields and campaign fields for which the user has access. With or without a filter applied, users with participant export permissions can also export the participant field data from the Participants page. Export will use any filter applied to the participant grid in the resulting file for download from the system. When exporting, users can configure which fields to include in the resulting file, including population and campaign fields, and can setup the order those fields will appear in the tab-delimited .txt file that is generated.

Audit Records on the Participant Records and Submission Details Pages

Users can now view audit history at a field or variable level for participants and their submissions. When viewing a participant and their field data, users can click on the Audit History icon next to the field name to display a modal that shows a history of changes to the data stored within that field, including the old value, new value, change date, modified by, and action. The same is also now true for submission data. On the Session Details page for an individual submission, the user can click the Audit History icon on the variable row to display a modal that shows a history of the changes made to the data stored in that variable for that submission.


Improvements to Existing Features
  • Participant field configurations have been simplified with the removal of display types, now making Commentary a data type. Field options are now enabled and then added.
  • To prevent the loss of any configuration changes, users will now be notified if they have unsaved changes when navigating to another page.
  • URLs for App Studio’s portals can be piped into email and SMS communications by replacing the box bracketed sections with the portal’s ID:
    • {appurl:[Portal ID]_Portal}
    • {appurl:[Portal ID]_Coordination}
Security Improvements
  • HTML code entered into fields, excluding the text editor, no longer renders and instead displays as plain text
    • Assigning tasks to groups
    • Group Names
    • Site names
    • Properties displayed on an activity’s Associated Tasks table
    • Campaign input fields
    • Workflow input fields
    • Step input fields
    • Task input fields
    • Properties displayed on the Users page
    • Properties displayed on the Participant page
    • Participant field labels
    • Activity submissions
    • Participant data piped into an activity
    • {Prompt} piping tag
    • {Value} piping tag
  • Login page URLs now prevent redirecting users to external domains.
  • Cookies are now secure to prevent session hijacking.
  • End Users can no longer access API keys and so cannot access the API.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue that caused searches to only filter to results starting with the entered text.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Commentary field values with line breaks to lose the line breaks when piped.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Participants page from displaying when a participant did not have a primary identifier.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed platform administrators without campaign permissions to still have access to campaigns.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at the time of release.