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Release Date: June 22, 2018

This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform is a hotfix release intended to resolve a small number of urgent product bugs that are impacting customer ability to collect data from their participants and over the API.


  • Fixed a bug that caused internal participant fields to be restricted from manual edits in the App Studio participant and coordinator portals because the editable by participants setting was considered to be false on the backend.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple activity submissions to be created for single submission activity tasks.
  • Fixed a bug that made the unique identifier mapping required in the configuration interface.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the instance number captured in a submission to be one digit off from the instance number of the task which made it so that users could not import into activities due to the system being unable to find a submission with a matching instance number.
  • Fixed a bug that caused repeating messages configured for daily submission activity tasks to be scheduled based off of the default time of the task submission window instead of the submission window start time currently set for a participant task.
  • Fixed a bug that caused API routes that return ID values to return entire objects instead of simple strings.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to add multiple submissions to a single daily bucket for daily submission tasks over the API.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the activity cache to fail to be updated if multiple check-out and check-in actions were taken before an activity was published which made it appear as though newly added variables were unavailable in places like the data dictionary and workflow logic.

Known Issues

  • User sessions are not getting properly timed out and logged out if the user closes the browser before logging out or being timed out.
  • HTML elements are being stripped from Text/HTML object configurations in the activity manager.
  • Users can’t delete activities from the activity manager by using the delete option in the right click menu.
  • API users cannot programmatically add data for check-all-that-apply question types because they cannot identify them as that type.
  • There is incorrect message text being displayed on the task detail page for daily submission tasks when the task has a submission window of “all day”.
  • Time values are being displayed as if they are being translated into the user’s timezone despite times not being specific points in time.
  • DatStat namespace values are being shown in the Publish modal when there are errors preventing workflows from being published.
  • There is an internal server error being thrown when a user or participant tries to access a daily submission activity outside of the configured submission window.
  • Recurrence configuration does not validate that users enter only positive values or that they enter values that represent actual dates; i.e. users can enter values such that workflows are configured to recur on the 32nd of March or the -2nd Wednesday of April.
  • Imports into daily submission activity tasks either through the interface or over the API does not trigger the associated task to transition from Not Started to In Progress.
  • The API does not validate query conditions for things like valid field/variable name or valid operators.
  • The Live URL link on the task detail page is shown as clickable for daily submission tasks even if the submission window is closed.
  • The default step column on the Submissions page is not populating with step information.
  • There is no confirmation modal when publishing campaign level tasks.
  • Activity drafts that have never been published show as Running(V1) on the activities table.
  • The delete button is missing on campaigns preventing users from being able to delete campaigns.
  • Users cannot discard campaign level task drafts after they have been published for the first time.
  • There is no confirmation modal when discarding draft campaign level tasks.
  • Disabled participant fields are shown as options when configuring the participant table columns.
  • Site descriptions are not wrapping to two lines or being truncated when shown in the sites table in browsers other than Chrome.
  • Editing a participants time zone to be the system default causes the field to be updated to whatever the system time zone is instead of simply referencing the system’s time zone.
  • When viewing the expanded workflow on a participant record, the current step is not properly selected if the step still has a Not Started status.
  • Step settings are missing task options when configuring conditions based on tasks for the open and close current workflow configurations.
  • The on hover effect does not display all text when hovering over log actions such as create user, unlock actions, and disabling users.
  • Users cannot change the display type of participant fields with options to Text Box even though that is a compatible conversion.
  • The about modal will not open when the user is on the Background Tasks page.
  • Users cannot reorder workflows because clicking the reorder button does not open the reorder modal.
  • Randomizing collections results in randomly placed page breaks and questions ending up on pages that they were not configured on.
  • The Last Login value is only updated when a user logs into the platform interface and not when they login to other apps in the product suite.
  • Participants are shown an invalid credentials error when attempting to login to an activity that is assigned to a user or user group instead of the no access page.
  • The activity edit window for the activity manager occasionally will not open after being minimized, the user must right click on the task bar and click the restore option.
  • Email configuration preview in Firefox always renders text as a serif font when it has been configured as a sans serif font.
  • Users are able to navigate back to platform pages that will render as if the user is logged in using the browser’s back buttons, even though the user is logged out.
  • Users are not able to import response options from their clipboard as expected when those options are all numeric.
  • The scheduler does not account for shifts in time when items are scheduled prior to daylight savings time, but will not take effect until after daylight savings time.
  • An internal server error is thrown when a user attempts to navigate to the last page in a paged table when there are more than 400 thousand items in the table.
  • Users are not taken to the page that they were attempting to access after login if they go to a URL for a specific page and are redirected to the login page.