DatStat Connect™ Release Notes



This release of DatStat Connect™ focused on addressing the results of penetration testing performed by a third-party vendor, including an assessment of the security of the application’s functionality, business logic, and vulnerabilities. In addition to the security improvements, the release introduces three new features that include: deleting participants, fields, and sites; filtering and exporting participants; and the ability to view audit history at an individual field and variable level for a given participant/submission.


This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform focuses around a significant product user interface redesign, as well as introduces two new features that include: editing individual submissions and eConsent via activities. With the addition of these features, users now have the ability to edit submission data directly from the user interface, with all changes logged in audit records. Further, the eConsent feature allows users to create consent activity tasks which collect electronic signatures from participants and can generate and distribute PDFs of the signed consent document to participants.


This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform is a hotfix release intended to resolve a small number of urgent product bugs that are impacting customer ability to collect data from their participants and over the API.


This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform focuses on introducing new features that allow users configuring populations to better reach the individuals in those populations as well as provides tools to allow users to test their configurations. The new features for these two goals include: the ability to configure workflow events, multi-lingual activities, randomization of questions and response options, activity tasks that allow for daily submissions, test populations with test participants and test data, and the ability to delete campaign items. Other new features include: allowing users to reset forgotten passwords via email and configuring data sets to compile data across activities and download for use outside the system.


This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform introduces new features focused around implementing a REST API, multi-tenancy, and Background Tasks.  The REST API feature includes the ability for customers to utilize the REST API with an API Key and Secret, so that authorized Users can access various types of data stored within the platform.  The multi-tenancy feature includes the ability to allow for multiple customers to simultaneously access the same install of the product, while keeping their data secured separately.  The Background Tasks feature includes the ability for Users to begin an import and navigate freely within the product, rather than having to wait first for the import to complete.



This release of the DatStat Connect Platform introduces new features focused around data capture. All of the new features provide the platform users with new ways to capture and manage data either in Activities or on Participant Records. These new features include the ability to edit and delete submission data, the ability to view and download the data dictionary for an activity, and the ability to make participant fields campaign specific and protect the data in those fields behind campaign access permissions.


This release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform introduces a variety of new features targeted toward increasing versatility of the system. These new features include the ability to configure SMS message tasks within workflow, disable participant accounts, import new submissions into open activity tasks, configure system and individual user and participant time zones, and configure conditional URL redirects to take place on completion of an activity.


This is the first release of the DatStat Connect™ Platform. This platform is intended to support customers in their endeavors to work and engage with participants in automated or semi-automated workflows to collect data from various sources and ultimately improve outcomes.


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