View Task Details

  1. Navigate to the Manage area, Tasks page.
  1. From the Task table click on a row to view the Task Details page on the Participant’s Profile.

2017-02-06 11_09_39-POPULATION NAME

  1. The Participant Profile shows Participant Fields and their current values on the left pane, and the right pane shows the details of the selected Task.

2017-02-06 13_03_07-POPULATION NAME

  1. The visible details include:
  • Task Name: The name of the task and whether the task is required or optional for the workflow
  • Status: A symbol indicating the status of the task, including the status short and full label.
  • Campaign name: The name of the campaign.
  • Description: Description of the campaign.
  • Assigned to: The Participant, a User, or a User Group.
  • Workflow name: Name of the workflow.
  • Live URL: A link to the web URL of the ActivityThis is only visible when the activity is still able to be submitted, i.e. when the task is still open.
  • Due Date: The date by which the task is due to be completed.
  • Step name: The name of the step.