Edit Task Details

  1. Navigate to the Task Details page.
  1. Click the Edit button.

2017-02-07 16_32_11-POPULATION NAME

  1. The Edit Task modal will open with the following options:

2017-02-06 12_35_31-POPULATION NAME

  • Task Status: The status drop down will list all status code configured for the task grouped by their status category. Select one to change to that status.

2017-02-06 12_35_50-POPULATION NAME

  • Assigned to: Change the Assigned To selection by clicking one of the three radio buttons for
    • Participant: Assigns the task to the participant.
    • Specific User: Assigns the task to a selected user. The user must choose a user with access to the population by typing that users’ name into the box and selecting them from the list.
    • User Group: Assigns the task to a selected group which makes all users within the group assigned the task. The user must choose a user group configured in the population by typing the group’s name into the box and selecting it from the list.

2017-02-06 12_36_12-POPULATION NAME

  • Due Date: Type a date into the provided text box in a valid date format; for example: 2/4/2017 or Feb 4, 2017
  1. Click Save to apply the changes, or click Cancel to cancel them and leave the task as it was.