View Task Details

  1. Navigate to the Manage area, Participants page.
  1. Click on the participant of interest from the participant table on the page.

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  1. Expand the workflow by clicking the + next to Workflow.

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  1. Select the step within which the desired task can be found.
  1. Under the Step Details is the name of each Task in the selected step. Next to each task name is a blue Details link. Find the desired task and click this link.

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  1. The right pane of the participant profile will update to display the task details of the selected task.

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The task details page contains the following information:

  • Task Name: The name of the task and whether the task is required or optional for the workflow
  • Status: A symbol indicating the status of the task, including the status short and full label.
  • Campaign name: The name of the campaign.
  • Description: Description of the campaign.
  • Assigned to: The Participant, a User, or a User Group.
  • Workflow name: Name of the workflow.
  • Live URL: A link to the web URL of the ActivityThis is only visible when the activity is still able to be submitted, i.e. when the task is still open.
  • Due Date: The date by which the task is due to be completed.
  • Step name: The name of the step.