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The participant profile page provides the ability to view and edit participant information, and to view, edit and add workflows to the participant. To view a participant profile, navigate to the Manage area, select the Participants page, and from there click on the participant of interest from the participant table on the page.

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On the left side of the screen is a sidebar view of all participant fields configured for the population organized into tabs running down the left sidebar that represent groups of participant fields. On the right side of the screen is a display of the participant’s Campaigns tab which shows all of the workflows the participant has been enrolled in for a selected campaign. By default, all workflows listed on the page will be in a collapsed, condensed state and the first alphabetically ordered campaign will be selected.

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The Campaign drop down menu at the top of the page will display all campaigns that the participant is enrolled in. Selecting a different campaign from the drop down will reload the content on the right side of the page to display the workflows from the selected campaign.

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To the right of the Campaign drop down is an additional filter for Workflows. By default, the All Workflows option will be selected. Each workflow that the participant is enrolled in will be listed in the drop down and a single workflow can be selected from it to filter out irrelevant workflows and display only the selected workflow on the page. When a specific workflow is selected from this list, all instances of the workflow the participant has been a part of will be displayed on the page.  Further to the right of the Filter drop down is a standard search box where text may be entered to filter the workflows listed down to only those whose names match the text entered into the search box.

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Below the search and filter options is a list of all workflows in the currently selected Campaign that the participant has been enrolled in.  Immediately visible is the name of the workflow, the workflow description, the status of the workflow (e.g. “Not Started” with its’ associated icon), the percent of steps complete in the workflow, and when the workflow was opened/closed; note: the closed date is only shown if the workflow has been closed.

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To see an expanded view of a workflow the participant is enrolled in, click the + icon to the left of the workflow name.  In addition to the initially shown information, the page now displays a list of the steps the participant has been through and their associated status icons. The participant’s current step will be selected by default and show additional information about the step such as the status of the step (e.g. “Not Started” with its’ associated icon), the percent of tasks complete in the step, and when the step was opened as well as all of the required and optional tasks, and their associated task statuses.

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Clicking the Details link next to any task opens a page displaying detailed information about the task, including the Campaign Name, Task Description, Assigned To, Workflow Name, Due DateStep Name, and Activity URL (for activity tasks).

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