Import Participants

Participants are entered and updated in the system either in bulk or individually.  The import participants features provides the ability to bulk upload a flat file of participants into the system to be used for participant creation or for participant update. To use this feature navigate to the Manage area and select the Participants item from the primary navigation and follow the steps below.

  1. Click the “Import” button.

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  1. The Import Participant modal opens.  This modal allows for file import by dragging and dropping the file onto the page or clicking the Browse button to search for the file. The file MUST be a tab delimited file with a column for each field being populated by the import.


  1. Clicking the “Download Template” button will cause a .txt file to be downloaded with all existing participant fields listed in the first row.  This file serves as a participant import template, to ensure the file being imported contains all the potential fields and is of the correct format.
  1. The “Download Field Definitions” button will cause a .txt file to be downloaded containing a row for each participant field and a column for each of the participant field attributes: Label, Data Type, Required, Unique, Min Value, Max Value, Options.  This file serves as a reference and helps ensure that the participant data included in the import file contains appropriate data given the structure of the configured participant fields.
  1. Select at least one file to use in the import process and select either:
  • Create New Participants:  This option will add the participants contained in the file as new participants in the population.
  • Update Existing Participants:  The import process will compare the unique field being used in the import with the values already being stored for that field in existing participant records. When a match is found that row of the import file will overwrite the fields specified in the participant’s profile with the values that are specified in the import file.
  1. After checking a box for Create New Participants or Update Existing Participants, select whether cells left blank in the import file should be ignored or if they should overwrite the known field values with blank values.
  1. At this point, the Upload button may be clicked to upload the file.  Do not click Upload until a selection has been made for Create New Participants or Update Existing Participants.

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  1. Click Cancel if the important participants process should be terminated.

Once the Upload button has been clicked the Import Participants modal will remain open until all files included for the import have been processed. At that point each file will be listed in the modal with either a Done status or an Upload Failed status. In the event of a failed upload it is recommended that the Field Definitions file be downloaded and the import file be checked for the following common issues that arise with import files:

  • One or more required participant fields were not included in the first row of the file.
  • One or more of the data points included in the file do not match the data type of the field the value was specified for.
  • One or more of the data points included in the file are the same as another data point either in the file or already on the system for a unique field.
  • One or more of the data points included in the file falls outside of the minimum or maximum value configured for the specified field.
  • One or more of the options included in the file does not exist for the specified field.
  • A matching participant could not be found within the population (when updating existing participants)

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