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A participant who was added to a population but should be removed from that population can be disabled.  To disable a participant:

  1. Navigate to the Participants page
  1. Click on the participant record that is to be disabled. This will open the participant’s profile page.

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  1. Click the edit icon at the top of the left pane in order to view the enabled/disabled toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

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  1. Click on the toggle to switch from enabled to disabled, and vice versa.

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  1. When toggling to disabled, a confirmation modal will appear.

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When a participant is disabled, there will be a disabled indicator on the top of the participant’s profile. There will also be a disabled column on the participants’ table on the Participants page that will allow users to easily see which participants are disabled prior to viewing their profiles.

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Disabled participants are in a “soft deleted” state, meaning that their data remain in the system, but they are no longer permitted to participate in the campaigns configured on the system. Given this, disabled participants are prevented from interacting with their workflows and their applications, which includes:

  • Logging into their patient portal
  • Logging into their reports
  • Logging into activities
  • Enrolling in new workflows
  • Receiving emails or SMS messages from workflows

When a participant is disabled, all of their current workflows, steps, and tasks are given the Incomplete status. Re-enabling a participant will not automatically reopen these workflow items. Opening the Incomplete workflow items will need to be done manually by the user enabling the participant.