Edit Status of Workflow

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  1. Navigate to the Manage area, Participants page.
  1. Click on the participant of interest from the participant table on the page.
  1. At the top of each workflow on the right pane is the word “Workflow” with a blue Change Status link.  Click this link.

2017-02-07 13_20_11-POPULATION NAME

  1. A Change Status modal will appear.  Select the desired status from the drop down and click Save, or click Cancel to cancel the action.

2017-02-07 13_21_02-POPULATION NAME

There are a few things to note about changing the status of a workflow:

  • The status of a workflow cannot be manually changed until a participant is part of that workflow or step.
  • A user cannot change the status of a workflow with a final status code (Complete, Incomplete, or Ineligible) to have a temporary status code (Not Started, In Progress, or Suspended).
  • A user cannot change the status of a workflow from In Progress to Not Started unless all steps within the workflow have a Not Started status code.
  • Changing a temporary status code for a workflow to a final status code will prevent the participant from interacting with any tasks contained in the workflow. Any tasks with a temporary status code will have their status updated to the system configured default incomplete status code.