Edit Status of Step

  1. Navigate to the Manage area, Participants page.
  1. Click on the participant of interest from the participant table on the page.

2017-07-12 14_08_25-POPULATION NAME

  1. Expand the workflow by clicking the + next to Workflow.

2017-07-12 15_23_37-POPULATION NAME

  1. Select the step that requires a status change.
  1. Next to the bold step name in the Step Details is a Change Status Link.  Click this link.

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  1. A Change Status modal will appear.  Select the desired status from the Status drop down and click Save, or click Cancel to cancel the action.

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There are a few things to note about changing the status of a step:

  • The status of a step cannot be manually changed until a participant is part of that step.
  • A user cannot change the status of a step with a closed status (Complete, Incomplete) to have a Not Started status.
  • A user cannot change the status of a step from In Progress to Not Started unless all tasks within the step have a Not Started status code.
  • Changing an open status for a step to a closed status will prevent the participant from interacting with any tasks contained in the step. Any tasks with open statuses will have their status updated to the incomplete status.