Add Participant

Participants are entered and updated in the system either in bulk or individually.  The Add Participant feature allows for individual creation of a new participant, by filling in fields of information about the participant. To use this feature navigate to the Manage area and select the Participants item from the primary navigation and follow the steps below.

  1. Click the “+ Add Participant” button.

2017-07-12 14_07_11-POPULATION NAME

  1. The New Participant page opens which displays all of the participant fields that have been configured for the Population.

2017-02-06 14_23_42-POPULATION NAME

  1. The fields will be displayed in the groups that they have been configured and in the order that they have been configured.
  1. The last group will be the Internal group where a small amount of internal, but editable fields are listed.

2017-07-12 14_16_17-POPULATION NAME

  1. Any fields that require entry will have a red asterisk (*).
  1. Click Create.
  1. When the Participant is added, the entrance criteria of all published workflows that are configured to automatically add to eligible participants are evaluated.  If the added participant meets the entrance criteria, the workflows will be added.