Creating Submissions with Import

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Users may need to import new submissions into the platform for a variety of reasons. This feature allows users to collect data offline or from an outside source, such as a medical device, and add that data to the system at a later date. In order for a user to be able to successfully import new activity submissions into the system the following must be true:

  • The user must have the submission data add permission.
  • The user must have permissions to the campaign in which the selected activity is being used.
  • The first column of the import file must be a unique participant field.
  • The participants that are specified in the import file must have open instances of the activity task selected in the import modal.
  • The user must have permission to the site(s) that the specified participants are assigned.

If these things are true the user may begin the process of creating an tab delimited, .txt file to use as the data source when importing to create new submissions. To facilitate this process, users may download a template text file with the first row of the file containing a unique participant field and all of the variables found in the selected activity that are eligible for import.

To retrieve this template:

  1. Navigate to the Data page, where a table of activities can be viewed.
  1. Select an activity by clicking on the row.
  1. Click the Import button at the top of the screen.
  1. Select a task in which to import data and click the Next button at the bottom of the modal.
  1. Click the Download Template button at the top of the modal.

2017-09-18 12_43_09-DatStat, Inc.

Only a handful of the internal variables found in each activity are eligible for import when creating new submissions. The majority of the internals are either dependent on other variables in the activity or are calculated during the course of the activity and will still be calculated during the import process. The few variables listed below are not dependent on other parts of the activity and can be specified by the user performing the import.

  • DatStat. Instance – used to specify which instance to import the new submission into in the event that the specified participant has multiple open instances of the selected activity task.
  • DatStat.StartDateTime – used to specify when the data was initially collected from the participant.
  • DatStat.SubmissionStatus – used to specify whether the submission is partial, complete, or terminated. This value will affect the status of the activity task to which the submission is associated.
  • DatStat.SiteID – used to specify where the data was collected.
  • DatStat.Language – used to specify the language in which the data was collected.
  • DatStat.Browser – used to specify the user agent string of the web browser that originally collected the data.