Conducting the Import

In the course of a campaign there may be situations in which data are recorded in a file outside of an activity, and those data need to be imported into an activity data set.  The Submission Data Import feature provides users with the ability to import new submission data into an activity or update existing submission data in an activity via a flat file.  The import functionality will only do one these things at a time, it cannot create new submissions and update existing submissions simultaneously.

To import submission data:

  1. Ensure the User has the submission data add/edit permission.
  1. Navigate to the Data page, where a table of activities can be viewed.

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  1. Select an activity by clicking on the row.
  1. Click the Import button at the top of the screen.

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  1. Select a task in which to import data. Multiple tasks may have the selected activity associated to it, however users may select only one task when doing an import.

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  1. Click the Next button at the bottom of the modal.

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  1. Click the Browse button and select the import file. Users may browse, or drag and drop the file. Please note the following regarding the selected file:
  • Only tab delimited, .txt file types are accepted for submission data imports.
  • The column header names must match the names of the activity variables.
  • The scale values contained in the columns must match the scale values of the activity variables.
  • The data types of the columns must match the data types of the activity variables.
  • If adding new submissions, the first column must be a participant identifier and the identifier values must be unique.
  • If updated submissions, the first column must be the Session ID internal variable and the values must be unique.

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  1. Select one of the following two options from the Upload Type section of the import modal:
  • Update existing submissions
  • Create new submissions

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  1. Configure the following Upload Options:
  • Ignore blank cells during submission updates
    • Check the box in order to ignore blank cells found in the import file.
    • Leave the box unchecked in order to override existing data with a blank value when there is a blank cell in the import file.
  • Comment text field

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  1. Click the Upload button.

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Once the import process completes the import modal will either display a successful import message, if all of the rows in the file imported successfully, or it will display a list of errors and the rows those errors occurred on, if one or more of the rows in the file failed to import.

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  1. Click the Done button to close the import modal.