Conducting the Import

Navigate to the Configure area, Data page.

  1. Import data gives users with the appropriate permissions the ability to import new submission data into the data set for an Activity.  To import data:
  2. Select the activity into which the data are to be imported.
  3. Click the Import button.importparticipantsbutton
  4. Clicking this button opens the import modal which has the following options:

Select a task: A table of tasks that have the selected activity associated to them.  One task can be selected when doing the import.

Browse button: Used to select the file to be imported.  This modal  supports drag and drop of files from your computer.

Download Template button: Used to download a template Excel file with the columns containing all of the variables found in the activity.  Using this template will maximize the liklihood of a successful import.

The import modal will only accept tab delimited, .txt file types. The import functionality will create new submissions for the activity. It will not update or overwrite any existing submissions.