Navigate to the Configure area, Security page, User Permissions tab.

The + New Filter button on the User Permissions page provides the ability to narrow down the list of users to a desired subset based on selected criteria. To define a filter:

  1. Click the + New Filter button.

2017-01-13 16_33_31-POPULATION NAME

  1. Filter criteria will expand at the top of the page with the Users tables appearing below.
  1. Select the criteria to be used for filtering by clicking the + next to one or multiple of the following:

2017-02-03 09_07_56-POPULATION NAME

  • Site: The name of the site the users have access to.
  • Campaign: The name of the campaign the users have access to.
  • Roles: The name of the role the users have in the population.
  1. When + icon is clicked, a dropdown appears in which text may be entered to search for the desired criterion, or the criterion can be selected from the visible list in the dropdown.
  • Once a criterion is selected, it will appear highlighted in blue, and can be removed as a criterion by clicking the X next to the criterion.

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  • Multiple criteria may be selected within the same filter.
  • Any selected criteria may be cleared by clicking the Reset link.
  1. Click the Apply button to filter the tables based on the selected criteria. The filter will not be saved by default. It will appear in the Filters drop down menu as an Unsaved Filter

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