Custom Permissions

When assigning permissions to a single user, it is possible to assign that user a custom set of permissions that are not pre-configured as a population role. A custom set of permissions configured for a single user will not be available to other users and the Custom role option is not available when multiple users are being assigned permissions simultaneously.

1.      Follow the steps for Viewing User Permissions.

2.      Click the edit button on the Assign Permissions page.


3.      All configured roles, sites, and campaigns will load on the Assign Permissions page in an editable format.

4.      Check the checkbox next to the Custom option at the bottom of the roles list.


5.      The permissions panel on the right will become a series of checkboxes that represent each available permissions.


6.      Check the box for each permission being given to the user.

7.      Click Save to apply the custom permissions to the user or click Cancel to ignore all changes.