Edit User Groups

  1. Navigate to the Configure area, Security page, User Groups tab.
  1. Select a user group in the left sidebar.
  1. On the right pane click Edit to open the Edit User Group modal.

2017-02-03 15_46_54-POPULATION NAME

  1. Edit the name of the user group by entering a new name in the Name field.
  1. Select new users for the group by checking the checkbox next to the user.
  1. Remove users from the group by deselecting the checkbox next to a user’s name.

2017-02-03 15_54_50-POPULATION NAME

  1. The display of users can be quickly filtered using the available “assigned” and “not assigned” filters in the left sidebar of the modal.
  1. Click Save once all edits are complete or click Cancel to ignore all changes.