Disable Site

  1. Navigate to the Configure area, Security page, Sites tab.
  1. Click on the row containing the site to be disabled.
  1. A view will appear of the currently configured site information; toggle the Enabled/Disabled toggle to Disabled.

2017-02-03 14_52_00-POPULATION NAME

  • If participants are assigned the site, disabling the site is not allowed. A notification will appear stating that all participants must be removed from the site before it can be disabled. Click Ok to close the modal.

2017-02-03 15_00_12-POPULATION NAME

  • If no participants are assigned to the site, a confirmation modal will open stating that once the site is disabled participants will no longer be able to be assigned that site. Click Disable to disable the site or click Cancel to leave it enabled.

2017-02-03 14_17_42-POPULATION NAME