View Individual User Details

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  1. Navigate to the User Management page in the Administration area.
  1. Click on the row of the user to be viewed or the view icon 2017-01-09-15_17_53-population-name  that appears on the far right of the screen in line with the user’s name; this will open the User Details page.

  1.  The screen will now show a read only view of the following user details:
  • Account settings:
    • Email Address: The email address of the user that is used to log into the platform.
    • Created Date: The date and time the user account was first created.
    • User Type: The type of account for the user.
    • Last Login: The date and time the last time the user logged in to the platform.
    • Password: A non-explicit number of dots that represent the users’ password. The user’s actual password is NOT displayed to the Administrator viewing the account.
  • Basic information:
    • First Name: The first name of the user.
    • Last Name: The last name of the user.
    • Mobile Phone: The mobile phone number of the user. This number is used when SMS messages are configured to be sent to users.
  • Populations: This is a read-only view of the populations to which the user has access.  The Populations section is strictly read only; even when the page is put into edit mode, the Populations cannot be deleted, added or changed in anyway.