If a user locks their account by failing to login correctly 10 consecutive times, or due to passing the threshold for inactivity, they will be prevented from getting past the login page of the platform. This will continue to happen so long as the account is locked. A user administrator can unlock a user’s account manually by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the User Management page in the Administration area.
  1. Click on the row of the user to be unlocked or the view icon 2017-01-09-15_17_53-population-name  that appears on the far right of the screen in line with the user’s name; This will open the User Details page. Locked user accounts are indicated in the first column of the User Management table by a lock icon.
  1. Click the “Unlock” button at the top right of the User Details page. This button will only be visible for user accounts that are locked. Unlocking a user account will provide the locked user with one additional opportunity to successfully login to their account.

2017-01-13 10_13_14-Administration

  1. When the Unlock button is clicked, a confirmation modal will open with the following text: “This account was locked for security reasons. Are you sure you want to unlock this account?” Click the Unlock button to proceed or click the Cancel button to leave the user account in a locked state.

2017-01-13 09_05_51-Administration