Enable or Disable User

When a user account is disabled, the user will no longer be able to login to the system and view/manipulate the populations that they previously had access to, nor their own account details. They will also not be included on the list of available users when assigning users to a population on the User Permissions page of a population.

Disabled users who try to login to the platform will see an error page with the following message: “It appears this user account has been disabled. If you think that this is a mistake, please contact your system administrator.” This page will also contain a “Back to Login” button.

Steps to enable or disable a user:

  1. Navigate to the User Management page in the Administration area.
  1. Click on the row of the user to be viewed or the view icon 2017-01-09-15_17_53-population-name  that appears on the far right of the screen in line with the user’s name. This will open the User Details page.
  1. Toggle the input that is at the top right of the screen.

2017-01-13 08_59_15-Administration

    • Toggling this to “Disabled” will prompt a confirmation modal which states “Are you sure that you want to disable this user? Disabling the user will disable their ability to login to the system”.   On this modal click the Disable button to disable the user or Cancel to leave the user enabled.

2017-01-13 09_02_28-Administration

  • Toggling this to “Enabled” will enable previously disabled accounts and allow that user to login to the system.