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Platform Basics

Get familiar with common terms used throughout the DatStat Connect™ product documentation.

Logging in
Securely access the platform by logging in with your DatStat Connect™ credentials.

User Settings
Control your account information and preferences in one convenient location.

Platform Administration

User Management
Manage users from initial creation to resetting passwords and unlocking accounts, all from one location.

View and manage a list of Populations on your DatStat Connect™ platform.

Population Configuration

General Details
Configure the population name and description as well as a set of email from addresses to use throughout a configured workflow.

User Permissions
Learn how to add and remove DatStat Connect™ users to your population and manage their permissions in bulk, individually, or on a custom basis.

Define a variety of roles that best suits the needs of users within the population. Learn about the variety of permissions available to you and how they can help protect sensitive data in the system.

Organize a set of distinct locations or organizational groups within which campaign activities occur to maximize security and control access to participants and data.

User Groups
Manage responsibilities among users by assigning tasks to groups rather than individuals.

Population Management

Manage tasks from a single location with the help of easy filtering and editing tools.

Create and edit participants, and manage their progress through workflows.

Submission Data
View, query and download activity data.

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